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Title: I'll Promote and Manage Your Website #SEO #MakeMoreMoneyOnline
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I'll Promote and Manage Your Website
Make more money online
Get more traffic to your website
Increase sales from your website
Increase your search engine ranking above your competition (Search Engine Optimization SEO)
From The Creator of The Automatic SEO and Automated Income Website Design and System ( - J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.   
Rick Kirkham is an expert in:
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Local SEO to help local businesses improve their website presence.
Website promotion
Automating social networks
Automating on topic website content
Automatic income systems 
Website design for increasing sales 
Mr Kirkham is:
A former dual certified teacher
A full time, self-employed in home computer tutor doing all his marketing and advertising online and utilizing free offline advertising methods he developed himself.
A website designer utilizing his proven, unique, automated methods and design to raise his own website above his competitors ' websites.
A website designer now offering his unique background and God given skills to the world. 
What Rick Will Do for You...,128.msg129.html#CopyFromTheLinkUpToShareWithSocialGroups

Analyze and make recommendations for your website to optimize it to increase your sales. Sometimes just one phrase makes a difference.
Analyze and make recommendations for your website to optimize it to make it easier to find you on the search engines.
Advertise your website, products or services for you manually ALL OVER the internet using keyword phrases people will use to find your website according to Rick's research.

Setup local and or world wide SEO using directories and maps to make it easier for for your prospective buyers to find you.
Your Investment
For  only $49.00 per month ( ( I'll promote your website for you with both automatic promotion and manual methods.

Cancel anytime   ( (
You're losing money RIGHT NOW by not having an expert tweak your sales page and promote your business for you. Let's get started!