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Title: FAQs Automatic Income SEO Websites #SEO #WebsiteDesign
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Frequently Asked Questions for Automatic SEO and Income Websites    #SEO #WebsiteDesign

Q I don't have my own product, but I want to make money online. What do I do?

A Get a minimum of an Intermediate Automated Income Website ( After your website has been built, because they will ask you for your website address, Sign up at Clickbank ( and 7Search ( You get paid by 7Search per click on your website. Additionally 7Search offers pay per click advertising you can buy which will increase your income faster than waiting for organic search engines to catch up with your posts in your website.

Also sign up with Amazon affiliate program (, Google Adsense ( which pays you per click on ads on your website. Google Adsense is hard to get approved, thus the 7Search option.

Sign up for Clickbank ads ( which can also be placed on your website. We won't be using all these, but too many options is better than not enough.

Q I already have a website. Why do I need this?

A People don't have time to continue to add keyworded, fresh content to their website to increase their search engine rankings above their competitors websites. Getting the Automated SEO and Income Website ( will get you that content automatically along with contact information and links pointing to your main website. it's like having a satellite office which sends more traffic and income to your main office. Much like a satellite office your Automated SEO and Income Website can be designed to earn you passive, hands off additional income!

Q Why do I need a higher search engine ranking? All my sales are done offline.

How do your prospective buyers find you? Google, Bing or some other search engine. The yellow pages are practically useless. Even I, as an in home computer tutor sought out for my skills not only with business, but with senior citizens, am dropping the yellow pages.

Q How long will it take for me to start making money

A Part of that is up to you. If you're too busy to promote your website and want to let the automated posts get you higher and higher in the search engines to make it easier for your prospective buyers to find you when they search Google or Bing, it could take up to six months for the search engines to spider your website so it may easily be found. You could speed the process of making money up by utilizing some of the social media tools provided in your website.

Q (From a coffee shop employee) Do I need computer skills to do this?

No you have a Rick (me). Technically you don't even need a computer!

Q I have other questions not on here. How do I contact you?

A Contact information is found on   

Q I want to break the chains of financial troubles. How do I get started?

A Go to and get get your freedom.